How much is your Capacity Gap costing you?

How much money are you leaving on the table every month in commissions?

Take a look at your current business make-up and your capacity to grow.

When looking at your individual plans to increase your monthly mortgage closings, you must first identify your own personal Maximum Capacity. Meaning, how many closed transactions do you personally have the ability to close in a given period. Not how many transactions do you currently close; but how many loans do you have the ability to or desire to close.

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Let’s assume as a mortgage professional you have the current capacity to close 20 mortgage loans in any given month, but you are currently only closing 12. You have a “Capacity Gap” of 8 loans to reach your maximum capacity. Most professionals look at their closed activity backward. They look at what they closed rather than what they didn’t close.

If you are NOT at your maximum capacity, you are not just losing loans but you are losing money! Those 8 additional closings X an average commission of just $3,200/closing equates to over $25,000 lost revenue to you every month you are not at capacity. ($307,200 annual revenue loss)

Where will you find those additional loans to meet your maximum capacity?

Your traditional referral sources consisting of Realtors, personal sphere, prior client base, referrals from other professionals will only get you so far in reaching that new goal of 8 additional closings per month. You must either expand your existing referral sources or consider diversifying into a different and stronger market of referrals – this is where the divorce market comes into play.

The average divorce attorney will give you 1 new referral every two months. You would only need 4 divorce attorney referral partners to average 2 referrals per month. Now, open your mind to the additional opportunities per referral when positioned to work with both divorcing spouses as well as both attorneys moving forward! You could easily close your Capacity Gap by building a strong divorce lending practice!

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Jody Bruns
Divorce Lending Professional

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